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Home and dry

The radar shows exactly where and how hard it is raining across the UK. Radar images in Home and Dry are at a 1km resolution and at 5 minute intervals, which is the highest quality available in any app or on the internet.

Use the observed radar and the forecast radar to understand exactly where the rain is, and where it is going relative to where you are. You should be able to see at what time it is either going to rain, or when it is going to stop raining.

Check the radar before you need to go out so you can either adjust your timings to avoid getting soaked, or use the radar to be prepared and take an umbrella or coat with you.

You can use Home and Dry for every trip outdoors, be it the school run, the commute to work, a walk in the park, watching football, going for a cycle, mowing the lawn, simply anything.

Sometimes you can avoid the rain, sometimes you canโ€™t. But at least with Home and Dry you can know when it is going to rain and plan accordingly.

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