MetDesk Summer Webinar Series

MetDesk are excited to be hosting a series of free webinar events this summer. These webinars will cover a wide range of meteorology-related topics and the impacts on energy trading and forecasting. Places are limited so register your place for each event now!

MetDesk European Summer Forecast

Tuesday 26th May 2020 14:00 BST/ 15:00 CEST/ 16:00 EEST
After the success of the winter forecast webinar, we will start the series with the summer 2020 forecast. MetDesk’s senior energy meteorologist, Glen Spencer, will discuss his thoughts on the drivers for this upcoming summer including:
  • A technical overview on any predominant teleconnection drivers expected to have an influence this summer.
  • Analogues – any predictability from past summers?
  • A look at the seasonal forecast models.
  • Conclusions on what the MetDesk view is with respect to temperature, solar, wind and precipitation, and how this may impact the energy markets.
  • Any potential risks or uncertainty in the forecast.
Length: 45 minutes
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Convective Weather and its Impact on Renewable Energy Forecasts

Tuesday 16th June 2020 12:00 BST/ 13:00 CEST/ 14:00 EEST
  • What is convective weather?
  • The ‘ingredients’ needed for convective weather development.
  • The type of large-scale set-ups that would be conducive to the development of widespread storms in Europe.
  • Impact of convective storms on renewable energy production and how the forecast models handle these.
Length: 30 minutes

Weather Forecast Models: Understanding the Fundamentals, Biases and How to take Advantage of these when Trading

Tuesday 7th July 2020 14:00 BST/ 15:00 CEST/ 16:00 EEST
  • Fundamentals of the weather forecast models
  • Why the models diverge in output after several days (and sometimes sooner).
  • Understanding the difference between deterministic and ensemble runs.
  • Model biases and accuracy, and how to take advantage of this when energy trading.
Length: 30 minutes